Dear Parents:

On Friday, February 23, Camp Cedar Ridge will hosting the “Portland Handweavers Guild.” This group brings looms, spinning wheels and lots of fiber art supplies and projects to work on and display.  The group leaders have agreed to do a demonstration for the children so we are planning a field trip to camp that day.

We will do snack and a short recess at school and then a bus will pick up the children and transport them to Camp Cedar Ridge. After the field trip is over, the regular buses will come to camp at the same time that they normally come to school and the buses will transport the children home as usual.  If your child rides the bus, there will be almost no difference in the day for you. Your child might arrive a few minutes earlier or later, but it will be a very small difference.

If you utilize parent pick-up, you will be able to pick up your child at Camp Cedar Ridge (18062 Keasey Road) that day.  We are discouraging early pick-up that day, but if anyone needs to do early pick-up, let us know and we will see how we can accommodate that.

We will hopefully be able to bring more opportunities to the Vernonia Village program as special groups come to town for a camp or retreat.

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